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AJ Arabia

“The true Arabian hospitality and Arabian sweet seduction in a bottle.”

AJ ARABIA is a perfume house founded by Ali Al Jaberi in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

AJ ARABIA perfumes present the luxurious oriental scents of Arabia blended with flowery and fruity aromas from around the world. All perfumes of the house with 28% concentration are designated by number rather than name, and the house has a motto—“If you like it, wear it”—which manifests with all fragrances being designed for wear by men and women.

The intricately patterned brown bottles and black-and-gold packaging for the fragrances were inspired by the architecture of Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque, “which embodies the meaning of luxury and beauty.”

AJ ARABIA fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Ali Aljaberi and Jean-Claude Astier.

A new perfume house from Abu Dhabi offers a luxurious new collection that will combine the best of French perfumery with the treasures of the Arabian Desert, in beautiful packaging inspired by breathtaking Arabian architecture.

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