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The idea for Bakel Cosmetic was sparked by a simple but innovative idea, finally resulting in the creation of a true revolution in the skincare field: to formulate a range of anti-ageing skincare products that would contain only those substances that are able to bring realistic, clinically proven, benefits to the skin.

Creating formulations in this way was the brainchild of Dr. Raffaella Gregoris, an Italian researcher specialising in skincare chemistry within the pharmacy faculty at the University of Milan. Specifically, there would be absolutely no preservatives, no emulsions, no colourants, no perfumes, nor would there be any derivatives of petroleum. Only active ingredients, chosen from the finest pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, would comprise the formulation.

raffaella“During my career as a chemist in different laboratories, I always wondered why ineffective ingredients that are also harmful to the skin such as preservatives, colourants, petroleum derivatives, surfactants are inserted into cosmetics…all unsuitable items to the skin unable to offer any benefit to it, but rather, increase the risk of incurring problems of sensitisation or allergy. From there we started to trace the outlines of the idea : why not create products composed of only active ingredients. Thus Bakel was born. 0 useless substances, 100 % active ingredients.” Raffaella Gregoris – Founder

As simple as this sounds, it had never been done before! From this approach came the unique Bakel Cosmetic claim: Zero useless substances, 100% active ingredients.

Giving up all that is superfluous represents an absolute novelty, a paradigm shift that truly distances Bakel from traditional skincare: what is applied to the skin is, in fact, only and completely the active ingredient. Nothing else.

The end product is absolutely pure thanks to its content made only of active agents, that is to say ingredients that actively take care of your skin.
The advantages of Bakel cosmetic line are multiple:

  • Better absorption of active agent
  • Improved effect: what enters your skin is always an active agent
  • Top-quality raw ingredients. In order to be able to create cosmetic products with these properties, it is crucial to use the purest raw materials.
  • Minimum allergy risks. Our formulas do not contain allergenic ingredients such as perfumes, alcohol, preserving or colouring agents, etc.

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