Clive Christian

In 1999, the English designer Clive Christian acquired the Crown Perfumery, a renowned English Perfume House. The society founded in 1872 carried this name, which was given by the queen Victoria as sign and recognition of its extraordinary quality and magnificence. Inspired by the eventful history and the old recipes of this perfumery, Clive Christian created a new category amongst luxury perfumes.

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Together we are the best in the world.’ Clive Christian O.B.E. Chairman

Clive Christian Perfumes reflects Clive’s attitude to all things in his life: ”Only deal with people and things you love; handle them with care and passion, and the result will be without compare”.

Noble VIII

Introducing NOBLE VIII – The New Perfume Pair – Magnolia and Immortelle

During the Clive Christian Perfume Awards 2013 in Milan, Lianne Tio Parfums has received an award for ” The Launch Event of the Year”.

Perfume launch V for Women and V for Men hosted by Victoria Christian 6 sept 2012

Smelling the V Perfumes 6 sept 2012

Clive Christian Event bij Lianne Tio Parfums Rotterdam mei 2009