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Roja Parfums

“Roja Parfums redefines luxury and sophistication in perfumery for the modern age.”

Roja Parfums embodies the very essence of luxury. For Roja, the finest most costly ingredients have become a byword, a signature for his work. Every scent is created by Roja to make the wearer feel special, to feel different – separating them from the crowd.

With Roja Parfums, Roja has delivered a collection of fragrances that reach out to everybody who loves to wear scent, no matter what their taste in perfume might be. They are created to be the best – to be worn, remembered, loved, and treasured.

They are, quite simply, The Finest Fragrances in The World.


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Roja Parfums

“I created fragrances that cast a spell over our emotions and secretly haunt our senses; fragrances that capture our heart, fragrances that hopefully will be loved and remembered by generations to come.” – Roja Dove



Lianne Tio Parfums, Haute Parfumerie, Rotterdam – The Netherlands