MALIC 30 ml – Lightening effect



Boost your skincare routine with effective serums.

Bakel MALIC – Renewal, anti-wrinkle and contrasts skin spots

Innovative fluid solution containing: malic acid, mandelic acid, tartaric acid, kojic acid, all acting synergically for thoroughly removing dead skin cells and acquiring new brightness. They prevent skin spots and improve skin complexion; glycerine and pentylene glycol help maintain an ideal moisturizing level; vegetable hydrocellulose with its protective action adds a gel formula thus improving its application; ammonium hydroxyde helps respect the skins ph and physiological balance. This solution does not need to be rinsed therefore you can leave it on your skin to boost its effects.

The Bakel Malic can be used every second day before applying any other treatment.

Tip : if you find you have non-uniform or dark-stained skin, use MALIC every evening before your customery treatment: it will recover its uniformity, compactness, luminosity and reduce the dark stains.

Free from: perfumes, colouring agents, preservatives, oil-derivatives, silicones, alcohol, PEG, PPG

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Bakel Cosmetic

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Bakel Cosmetic