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Noble VIII Magnolia Parfum 50 ml spray



Floral – featuring Cassis, Magnolia & Oakmoss.

In deference to some of the Rococo period’s most loved icons, Noble VIII  Magnolia draws on the sweet femininity of the pink used throughout the era and on the delicacy of the beloved moss rose; echoes of the frivolity of the time are picked up in the use of sweetpea and in the Chinoiserie design resplendent on the packaging. While the top notes of bergamot, cassis and mandarin provide a refreshingly green tang, the heart notes, compromising  of a combination of rose, magnolia, cinnamon and clove give it a heady  spiciness that shrouds the wearer in a veil of intoxicating fragrance. A woody base of sandalwood and oakmoss give it a gently earthy finish.

Noble VIII
Clive Christian Noble VIII Perfume Pair Magnolia and Immortelle

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